Product Description

SDF-3: The Revolutionary Metabolism Booster of the SDF Line

SDF-3 has been specially formulated to provide a substantial increase to your metabolism. This combination of natural and proven ingredients can help you lose weight faster and easier than ever before. It’s one of the most popular supplements of the Super Fruit Diet supplements, because it’s usually safe to use in higher quantities than the other Super Fruit Diet supplements (the others have ingredients that can potentially make you jittery if you go over the recommended dosage).

  • Raspberry Ketones
  • African Mango
  • Sea Buckthorn
  • Acai Berry
  • Green Tea

Raspberry Ketones

At first glance, you could easily undermine the raspberry fruit and think of it as just a simple fruit of luxury; yet hidden under that tiny pink ball are nutrients and compounds that can work on your body beyond your wildest imaginations. When the Ketone compound contained in Raspberries is ingested, it increases body metabolism and forces your body to burn excess fat. This, amongst other ways such as reducing appetite so that you eat less, goes a long way in ensuring that you get rid of that harmful unwanted extra layer of fat.

African Mango

This unique type of a fruit hasn’t been popular in the west until recently when researchers discovered that the extracts from the seeds of this tree could be used to significantly reduce weight and control blood sugar levels.

Sea Buckthorn

Also commonly known as the sea berry, this new comer in the weight loss world has proved to be as effective as the old players and has gained immediate recognition and appreciation due to its ability to provide an array of health benefits. Apart from acting as a powerful anti-oxidant (which can aid in weight loss), its also known to prevent stomach ulcers and control blood pressure.

Acai Berry

The Acai Berry for years has been in the news and in almost every media talk about its powerful effects to the human body. These special red fruits from the palmtree family are processed and their extracts used to make a powerful, natural product rich in antioxidants, among other things that promote weight loss.

Green Tea

When it comes to weight loss, and maintaining healthy bodies, the Asians are known to excel at that with no contest.

The concept of using the compounds contained in Green Tea to aid in weight loss, amongst other diseases and health issues, is actually borrowed from them. Green Tea works in increasing metabolism and simply breaking down fat. Its roles can be closely associated with those of Raspberry Ketones although it has other unique health benefits as well.