NewLifeBotanical may not be a household name brand that everyone knows yet, but we’re on our way. Our talented and passionate team has been brought together for several reasons. The first and main reason is to truly provide a top-quality line of supplements in an industry that is too often flooded with sub-par products and companies. We believe that good health and well-being has to be achieved if you’re to have happiness in any other area of your life, as if you don’t have that, then it’s hard to enjoy anything else. NewLifeBotanical doesn’t follow every little trend that creeps into the news. Instead, we’re very selective about what we choose to offer and pride ourselves in creating new special formulas that simply out-perform most others.

shawna-aboutShawna Rhodes

Timeless Perfection Wrapped in One Helluva Brilliant Mind

Shawna infuses the NewLifeBotanical brand with her strong past experience as an entrepreneur. She has managed to start and run four successful businesses in the past and we’re excited that she accepted our invitation to join the team.

Other than bringing an exciting flare to the brand here at NewLifeBotanical, she also currently co-manages a local graphic design team. She has a Bachelor of Arts and Economics and volunteers for Big Brothers Big Sisters. She’s been helping with Big Brothers Big Sisters for four years and loves spending time taking them out to the river and teaching them about the outdoors as often as possible.

Her favorite weight loss tips

She believes in always staying active (or as much as possible) and swears by garcinia cambogia (because she’s seen how great it’s worked for her brother).

nancy-aboutNancy Watanabe

Beautiful, Buzz-Worthy Marketing Maven

Nancy is NewLifeBotanical’s ingenious marketing coordinator. She reaches out, coordinates various partnerships and distribution partners and ensures everything is running in sync. She loves people and dogs almost just as much! A good cappuccino comes in a close second.

She has managed to breathe new life into several businesses, including her sister’s coffee shop and a local doggy day care. Sometimes we think we are going to have to get out a zap gun in order get her to slow down – she’s NewLife’s mad marketing machine!

Her favorite weight loss tips

Nancy doesn’t believe in ‘diets’. She believes if you’re active and having fun, everything will naturally fall into place. She does take SDF-4 religiously though, because she loves the boost in energy it gives.

patrickPatrick Warner

Rock-Climbing  Lifelong Fitness Enthusiast

Patrick is always pushing himself and our team to new heights. His lifelong infatuation with health, nutrition and fitness made him the perfect addition to NewLifeBotanical. He obtained a degree in nutritional studies and continues to expand his knowledge and keep up with the latest health and nutritional breakthroughs.

He keeps us all up to date on what’s happening in the health and weight loss industry and has a seemingly endless thirst for discovering new ways to help people live healthier lives.

His favorite weight loss tips

He’s an avid runner, rock climber and enjoys a good Class III+ white water rafting trip. His advice is to find something you love and get out and do it. You don’t have to run miles everyday, but if you enjoy the outdoors, a simple walk through the park is better exercise nothing at all. Every little bit helps. Not that he needs it, but he does use African Mango from time to time if he wants an extra energy boost.

lisa-seddonLisa Seddon

The Singing Street Smart Notorious Organizer

We think of Lisa as the glue that holds this team together. At times, we don’t know how we’d ever get anything done, find what we’re looking for or do anything if it wasn’t for her. She’s an amazing book keeper and she’s notoriously organized. If you need something done, something found, something filed, something written… she’s who you’re looking for.

Just when you wonder where she went, she’ll surprise you by busting out into a song. It doesn’t matter where she is or who hears her, either! Karaoke is her favorite hobby and she’s pretty darned good!

Her favorite weight loss tips

Always take several small (sandwhich type) bags of healthy snacks where ever you go. Throw some pistachio nuts, raisins, crackers… or whatever else in there. That way, when you get a craving you can open a bag and satisfy it without regretting it later. She likes SDF-2 for helping keep the hunger and cravings from striking at all hours of the day.

renee-sullivanRenee Sullivan

Quirky Impeccable Internet and Technology Talent

Renee’s an out of this world webmaster that works magic for our site. There’s nothing she can’t handle when it comes to computers or websites! She has built out some amazingly successfully sites in the past and luckily, we snagged her to make sure everything for the NewLifeBotanical site runs smoothly and quickly.

She’s the one responsible for the baby water balloon hiding in the toe of your shoes in the corner. You never know what she will do from day to day, so you’ve always got to have one eye watching her or she’ll find a way to get you. It wouldn’t be the same around here without the constant laughs she brings to the team.

Her favorite weight loss tips

Have fun! If you aren’t having fun, it isn’t worth it. Just like every other member on our team, health is important to her. But she believes you have to enjoy life. Find an active hobby that makes you laugh, inspires you, drives you to compete… whatever it is that makes you happy. 5-HTP is her favorite NLB product because of how it helps lift your mood naturally.